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ASC Chronicle 2023 Volume 3



Gaining a Big Picture of Bluff Erosion and Sand Movement Along Lake Michigan

Lucas Zoet with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Geoscience and his research team are looking at bluff erosion and sediment movement at two Wisconsin sites along Lake Michigan in a holistic way to better understand erosion rates and where the eroding sediment goes.
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WRI research highlights

On July 1, the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute provided funds for three new projects that will conclude at the end of June 2025. Two projects that kicked off last year are ongoing.
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Wisconsin Water Library

Underrepresented Groups in Nature

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Margaret Ellis: Bringing a Voice Back to the Land
After 25 Years, Problem-Solver-In-Chief James “Frizy” Grandt Retires
Reconnecting Menominee Students with Their Roots in the Bay of Green Bay


Freshwater@UW Summer Research Opportunities Program
Milwaukee Marine Debris Prevention Program to Expand
New Aquaculture Guide Helps Fish Farmers Raise Walleye for Commercial Production
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Spotlight on Manoomin


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