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ASC Chronicle 2023 Volume 2



PFAS Plume Moves into Green Bay Via Groundwater

Sea Grant-funded research has found PFAS and PFOA, known as forever chemicals and detrimental to human health, have spread into the Great Lakes via a contaminated site in northeastern Wisconsin.
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New Project Tests Ceded Territories for PFAS at Request from Tribes

A three-year tribally driven project to quantify levels of PFAS and their health impacts on plants and animals associated with aquatic ecosystems in Ceded Territories was recently funded.
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New Podcast Explores “forever chemicals” in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Water Library

Birds of a Feather

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 Love the Lakes? Deadline Approaching to Nominate the Next Wisconsin Sea Grant Great Lakes Champion Award-Winner


Find Your Summer Adventure Along the Coasts
A Tasty Class Project


Allie Pesano: On a Treasure Hunt for Birds
Emily Pavlovic: Up-close and Personal with Birds


Farmed Rainbow Trout With Sesame, Garlic and Ginger
Great Lakes Whitefish With Tomato Basil Compote
Oven-Fried Perch Fillets With Tartar Sauce
Smoked Lake Whitefish Sushi
Vineyard Trout
Fisherman’s Brunch

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    ARCHIVES (See All) 

2023 Volume 1
2022 Volume 2
2022 Special Double Issue
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