Featured Faces

Click on over to the Wisconsin Sea Grant staff directory at go.wisc.edu/0989hn to learn more about the people who make the program tick. It offers the most convenient portal to the individuals who, for example, could answer questions about research competitions, grant awards or any of the 12 outreach specialties our staff undertakes.

About those outreach professionals, the subpages for these varied and talented people outline their education, publications, contact information and more, including brief videos. Each video is a variation on the theme: what I do and why I love what I do.

One of the more recent videos (go.wisc.edu/366dsx) was produced by a summer outreach scholar, Jeremy Van Mill, who worked with the staff videographer to produce a profile of Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist Scott McComb. Van Mill also composed the music that accompanies gorgeous arial shots of the Wisconsin River, which are interspersed with montages of McComb speaking with  homeowners and students to educate on ways to prevent the spread of aquatic species. As McComb says in the video, he wants to engage people so they can “take action to protect something that they love,” local lakes and rivers.

Although specific to aquatic invasive species, McComb’s sentiment is similar to the passion all Sea Grant staff feel for their work and the contributions it makes to understanding and protecting coastal assets.


Stay up to date with new videos about the program’s research, outreach and education. youtube.com/@SGIVideo