It’s About the Science 

Throughout the history of its program, the science supported by Sea Grant has been integral to its existence. It’s one of the core functions of Sea Grant along with education and outreach. Since the 1970s, Sea Grant researchers published more than 990 papers, which have been cited about 34,000 times. 

“It’s important for researchers to publish in peer-reviewed journals because it means their work is high quality,” 

said Jennifer Hauxwell, Sea Grant’s associate director. “It also means that the world has access to the details of their studies in perpetuity, and it lays the foundation for the next set of scientific questions. Over time, researchers can build off the work that came before them as they continue to explore how our world works and functions. 

“We are proud of the scientific legacy associated with papers in a wide array of scientific journals. It means our researchers are conducting top-notch work on a number of different topics and getting their work out there for others to use. That is the foundation of our mission,” she said. 

An archive of Sea Grant-funded journal articles is available at