Protect Property and Shorelines

Two New Guides Benefit Property Owners and Communities

Coastal homeowners, do you know if water that drains from your property is causing issues with your bluff? Did you know that lawn-care practices may help with bluff stability? Beach managers, would you like to protect your shoreline while increasing biodiversity, wildlife habitat and aesthetic appeal, with potentially less expensive and more adaptable methods?

A Property Owner’s Guide to Protecting Your Bluff” explains all the factors to con- sider when assessing your bluff’s stability and how to manage them from the top of the bluff down to the shoreline. Also included is an extensive guide to selecting shoreline plants that can improve your bluff in terms of stability, appearance and wildlife/pollinator habitat.

Nature-Based Shoreline Options for the Great Lakes Coast” offers full descriptions and comparisons of different techniques that use or mimic natural features you can use to protect your shoreline. Case studies illustrate each technique in real- world situations.

Sea Grant Coastal Engineer Adam Bechle said, “These guides gather together
the most current information on protecting property and shorelines on the Great Lakes coasts. We’ve heard from stakeholders that they want to see what their peers are doing, so we’ve made sure to include a wealth of photos and examples. They’re a great resource for a number of different groups, from property owners to landscaping companies to communities that want to improve their beaches.”

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