Looking for a podcast? We’ve got several to consider.

The Fish Dish

For the latest “dish” about Great Lakes fish, you’ll want to listen to “The Fish Dish.” The podcast, co-hosted by longtime coworkers and friends Sharon Moen and Marie Zhuikov, introduces you to the people behind Wisconsin’s fishing and aquaculture industries. Each episode includes a “Fish-o-licious” section where Moen and Zhuikov cook a new fish recipe.

The latest episode features Craig Hoopman, a sixth-generation commercial fisherman from Bayfield, Wisconsin. Hoopman shares his beginnings in the business, current challenges, plus his dreams for the future. Also, Eat Wisconsin Fish Outreach Specialist Moen and Science Communicator Zhuikov share their backgrounds in fishing and introduce listeners to the Eat Wisconsin Fish campaign. During the “Fish-o-licious” part of the show, they cook Greek-Style Lake Whitefish at Hoopman’s recommendation.

Wisconsin Water News

This podcast, created and produced by Marie Zhuikov, brings stories previously available only in print to dynamic new life with interviews and on-location ambient sound. In-person and phone interviews bring listeners closer to the people behind the news, be they staff members, community members or researchers funded by Sea Grant or the Water Resources Institute. The series is in its fourth season, with 31 episodes, each 4-11 minutes long.

Introduced, seasons one and two

Created and produced by Bonnie Willison and Sydney Widell, Introduced is a podcast that explores the captivating stories around the cultural, political and economic fringes of invasive species science. Join Willison and Widell as they go on field trips, tangents and accidentally buy prohibited plants online. Along the way, they examine the norms around “belonging” and “native-ness” that travel with introduced species, and the assumptions about the past and future tied up in invasive species science. Highlights from the second season include authors of the Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu sharing their understandings of bakaan ingogi ga-ondaadag (non-local beings); interviews with the Midwest Conservation Dogs and their handlers, who use canine scent detection for invasive species efforts; bow fishing for invasive carp with the Peoria Carp Hunters; and more.

The Water We Swim In 

“The Water We Swim In” features stories about the Great Lakes and the people working toward equity. Created and produced by Bonnie Willison and Hali Jama, this podcast explores the connections between water, the systemic problems facing our society and resilience. Episodes about disability justice in the Great Lakes, distributive justice and swimming access, the next generation of water leaders and more are scheduled to drop in April.