Fishing for Information?

In recent years, the “eat local” food movement has really taken root, with many consumers striving to purchase produce, meat and other foods grown and raised near where they live. Eating local reduces the distance food must travel, bolsters local economies and often builds a personal connection between the home cook whipping up dinner and the farmers who make that meal possible through their efforts.

But what about fish? It, too, can be a part of eating local. To share that important message with consumers, Wisconsin Sea Grant launched the Eat Wisconsin Fish campaign in 2014, and it’s getting some renewed attention this year.

Eat Wisconsin Fish educates consumers about local, healthy and delicious Wisconsin fish — both wild-caught and farm-raised. Tasty recipes feature prominently on the website, from “spring salad with miso-maple Arctic char” to “smoked rainbow trout frittata.”

Website visitors can also find information about producers, where to buy Wisconsin fish and why selecting fish farmed or caught locally is a smart choice that supports sustainability and Wisconsin jobs.

Take a look, and you just might be inspired to cook something new for tonight’s dinner!