Science is Fun, Part 2

The library continues to expand its collection of books that encourage water exploration and experimentation with children ages three and up. To complement our lesson plans and STEM Kits (see page 10), the library has these books and many more available for checkout. To see some of our previously highlighted titles, see our 2014 Chronicle article here.

11 Experiments That Failed

Written by Jenny Offill; pictures by Nancy Carpenter. New York: Schwartz & Wade Books, Random House, 2011.

This humorous book teaches the scientific method to young kids with some zany hypotheses—such as “Can a washing machine wash dishes?” Each experiment includes the hypothesis, a list of materials, a procedure and results.

Explorers’ Sketchbooks: The Art of Discovery & Adventure

Compiled by Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert; foreword by Robert Macfarlane. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2017.

The sketchbooks and journals in this book allow us the opportunity to see, through their own eyes and thoughts, the reactions of 70 intrepid individuals as they journeyed into frozen wastes, high mountains, barren deserts and rich rainforests of our planet.

Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experiences

Written by MaryAnn Kohl and Jean Potter; illustrations, K. Whelan Dery. Bellingham, Wash.: Bright Ring Pub., 1993.

Activities allow children to explore the world of science through art with open-ended experiments including crystals, light, constellations, plants and more.

STEAM Kids: 50+ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math Hands-On Projects for Kids

Written by Anne Carey, et al. San Francisco: Left Brain Craft Brain, 2016.

Created by an MIT engineer, educators, designers and homeschooling experts, this book provides activities that will inspire children to ask questions like a scientist, build like an engineer, create like an artist and have fun.

Anyone in Wisconsin can check these books out from Wisconsin’s Water Library. Please send an email to